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Bafflegab Gabcast

Jul 31, 2018

Author Alexandra Kitty joins us to discuss her new book, When Journalism Was a Thing, PLUS Meghan McCain has a meltdown over scary socialism, AND ... is cat feces the secret to becoming a better entrepreneur?

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00:00 – Meghan McCain freaks out on The View

12:45 – A Daily Caller reporter recounts the horrors of a Bernie Sanders rally on Fox News

20:00 - Centrist Democrats lay out a plan for the mid-terms

26:00 – And it involves: Boomer Corps! A secret army of baby boomers? Close! 

30:00 – Alexandra Kitty joins us to discuss her new book 

54:30 – HIMS, the only gray-market, pseudo pharmacy startup for yous!

56:10 – BAFFLEGAB HEROES: Cat Poop

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